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All Your Questions Answered

I believe you meant to ask, “What instrument can’t I learn?” When we say we cater for every instrument, we mean it! Whatever your niche, Carroll Music Teachers has just the expert in mind for you.

Yes! We offer singing lessons to students whose voices are mature enough to begin study without risking damage to the voice- usually students in late elementary school or older, depending on style. Connect with one of our teachers to discuss the right option for you!

Firstly: Thank you! You can support us by donating to our nonprofit via our PayPal. Every dollar means more to us than you could imagine, so once again: Thank you.

We have music education opportunities available for people of all musical abilities and experience levels. If you’re looking for beginner lessons, our teachers can introduce you to your instrument of choice and help you develop your musical ability. Meanwhile, we also work with advanced musicians of all ages. If you’re an experienced student musician or professional musician looking to extend your skills and refine your ability, we have a teacher for you too!
We’re proud to say that our students are:
– Accepted into All-County and All-State programs.
– Get the highest marks at County and State Solo and Ensemble Programs.
– Get college scholarships
– And many teachers on the music faculty of local colleges are also a part of this group.

Yes, some instructors offer hybrid or fully virtual lesson options so you can learn from anywhere. However, most of our lessons take place face-to-face.

Our team comprises a talented and dedicated crew of musicians, and we’re excited to say our team is growing every day!

Yes, we sure do! No matter where you are with learning to play your instrument, we love to help students in school bands acquire and sharpen their skills. Many of our instructors have supported local school band and orchestra programs in the past, and are passionate about continuing this tradition.

We’re proud to have teachers located both in downtown Westminster and other locations convenient to other parts of the country. Some instructors also offer lessons online!

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