Welcome To Carroll Music Teachers

We’re a nonprofit organization bringing musical education to the people of Carroll County – one note at a time!

Continuing The Educational Mission Of Coffey Music

Welcome to Carroll Music Teachers! We’re a team of caring, experienced, and independent instructors who love to combine our passions of music, teaching, and helping the local community. As a nonprofit, we’re dedicated to ensuring that Carroll County music students can access lessons with a private, qualified instructor – without the registration fees or middlemen. No matter where change takes us, you can count on Carroll Music Teachers to be the ever-reliable backup band to your instrument of choice!

We invite you to book a music lesson or support our cause today!
Advisory Board

Erika Adam

Executive Director
Violin, Viola, Cello

Advisory Board

Lydia Bandy

Piano, Harp

Advisory Board

Jake Fine

Fundraising and Events Director

Advisory Board

Paul Morales

Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Advisory Board

John Sayre


Advisory Board

Scott Zimmerman

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin

We’re Here To Support Your Musical Journey

We cover lessons ranging from pre-beginners to pros looking to refine their skills. As a nonprofit, passion for helping others fuels us just as much as our love for music— we’re dedicated to bringing the joy of playing music to any member of our community. If you have a disability and/or are neurodivergent, you’re more than welcome here.

Enrolled students also have the opportunity to participate in regular recitals and events, where you can show off your newly-learned and finely-honed skills to your adoring crowd. Our mission is to bring educational opportunities to every student who wants to learn, and in turn, sharpening those skills and musical strengths to uplift the community.

More Than Music

A musical education is something you can cherish for life. Not only is learning an instrument an enjoyable and educational activity, but it also has many benefits for children. Studies show that children who learn music have improved test scores, and enhanced listening and math skills. Beyond this, music education nurtures creativity and self-esteem while acting as a great outlet and stress reliever. If you’re looking for an engaging activity for your child, ask them if they’d be interested in music – the choice of instrument is theirs!

We’re For Music. Not For Profit.

As a music-loving local of Carroll County, MD, you’re familiar with The Coffey Music Store. And if you’re not, we can teach that too! The 38 year old fixture of our local community was home to anything and everything music, from accordions to xylophones, as well as being the go-to place for private music lessons.

At the end of April 2022, this local Carroll County institution changed ownership, but never fear— your music teachers are still here! Today we can be found at Carroll Music Teachers, a nonprofit designed to continue the educational mission of the store.

At Carroll Music Teachers, we’re here to offer the exact same service we’ve always offered to you— private music lessons led by skilled teachers with both musical and community values. Many of our teachers have their own niche, and most instruments (including voice!) have more than one instructor each.

No background in music? No problem!

No problem! Whatever your age, style, or background, we provide the tools to make music happen. We tailor our tools and lessons to let everybody work on their own level at their own pace. We understand everybody brings their own strengths to learning a new instrument, and we’re here to highlight those skills while helping you to learn and refine new ones.

You may be surprised we require zero registration fees, but that’s just how we (rock ‘n’) roll. We’ve cut out the middlemen so that the focus is on you and the music. With that being said, we are a musician’s collective, which means we don’t quite have the ability to respond to calls and inquiries immediately (though we try to return all calls within a few days). Please keep this in mind when you contact us— we love to hear from you, and we will get in touch as soon as we can— we’re into guitars and glockenspiels, not ghosting!

All Your Questions Answered

I believe you meant to ask, “What instrument can’t I learn?” When we say we cater for every instrument, we mean it! Whatever your niche, Carroll Music Teachers has just the expert in mind for you.

Yes! We offer singing lessons to students whose voices are mature enough to begin study without risking damage to the voice- usually students in late elementary school or older, depending on style. Connect with one of our teachers to discuss the right option for you!

Firstly: Thank you! You can support us by donating to our nonprofit via our PayPal. Every dollar means more to us than you could imagine, so once again: Thank you.

We have music education opportunities available for people of all musical abilities and experience levels. If you’re looking for beginner lessons, our teachers can introduce you to your instrument of choice and help you develop your musical ability. Meanwhile, we also work with advanced musicians of all ages. If you’re an experienced student musician or professional musician looking to extend your skills and refine your ability, we have a teacher for you too!
We’re proud to say that our students are:
– Accepted into All-County and All-State programs.
– Get the highest marks at County and State Solo and Ensemble Programs.
– Get college scholarships
– And many teachers on the music faculty of local colleges are also a part of this group.

Yes, some instructors offer hybrid or fully virtual lesson options so you can learn from anywhere. However, most of our lessons take place face-to-face.

Our team comprises a talented and dedicated crew of musicians, and we’re excited to say our team is growing every day!

Yes, we sure do! No matter where you are with learning to play your instrument, we love to help students in school bands acquire and sharpen their skills. Many of our instructors have supported local school band and orchestra programs in the past, and are passionate about continuing this tradition.

We’re proud to have teachers located both in downtown Westminster and other locations convenient to other parts of the country. Some instructors also offer lessons online!

You Can Count On Us

We’re a nonprofit organization bringing musical education to the people of Carroll County – one note at a time!

We’re Specialized

Whatever instrument piques your interest, we’ve got the master maestro for you.

We’re Experienced

Our dozens of teachers have years of experience each, so you’ll be learning from the best.

We’re Not For Profit

We’re all about the music, not the profits. We believe music should be accessible to anybody and everybody.

Get Involved Today!

Whether you’re interested in adding a new instrument to your repertoire, honing your musical skills, or picking up a new hobby, we’re excited to have you here! If music isn’t quite your jam but you love what we do— we’re just as excited to have you here! To support our mission or to book a lesson, click the links below.